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Victims Are We All

I have been a victim of these greedy financial institutions that don't care about anyone or anything but making huge profits, and at the cost of your person well being.  (To this day have medical issues due to all the extra stress they have caused me). 

Unfilled Promises

There are so many companies out there who do this credit repair and say they are going to  fix your credit issues but come up empty. 

I have spent thousands, yes thousands of dollars on these companies, and webservices that say they will fix my issues, but in the end, I spend way too much hoping for a miracle. 

Early Days

I wasn't too worried about my credit as a young man, I figured I didn't need to spend or buy things except a cell phone.  At that time I was in school and living with my family, but that all changed once I joined the Air Force.  I was told my Security Clearance and life would be ruined if I had bad credit.  During my 4 year service I was strict on my credit, trying to NOT use it at all if possible.  I bought a new car for myself and (at that time wife), and had to rent a home, all had an impact on my credit.  I had to make sure my credit was in good standing. 

Growing Up

I was ending my AF career to finish higher education and to become a computer engineer, but life had its way with me and divorce was all I could do.  The life outside of the military was different, I had to make sure I could drive to work/school and pay for college and housing.  I had to use my credit again to get insurance, loans for school and rental home. This was the start to a hard long road, and physical pain due to let-down after let-down. (bad credit, due to divorce and lack of jobs to pay back loans).  

Developed Into a Family Man

Later in life I got remarried and had a set of twins to support.  Working in IT, I had to keep my credit in good standing, as most companies do a background check on all the employees and consultants to make sure they are trustworthy.  I also worked for the NAVY as a contractor and that meant I had to have GOOD CREDIT.  Well, I was doing fine, but all the sudden I noticed strange things going on with my credit, I tried to buy a new car and was TURNED DOWN FOR WHAT??, (D.J. Snake and Little John) Turns out that my student loans were not being paid I thought I was  in deferment with the loan company.  As soon as I heard this I called the loan company and asked them if they would let me pay it back and get things in order.  Well, they said NOPE the computer system has already sent my account to collection, and I can't do anything about it.  I called around and asked what I can do to make this problem go away, they said you have to wait till the collection department calls you, I checked back with them every Monday for a YEAR and every time same answer.  Turns out my file was stuck in their computer system and would not let my data go to the collection rehab team.  This meant that I was SCREWED that whole year.  I lost money my scores went down, just bad timing.  I called my state senators and asked lawyers for help, but nobody would help or even could. I was victim to a computer.... I had sleepless nights, started drinking heavy, just knowing that this is a freaking game for some financial billionaire laughing at all the Cuban cigars and lavish wines they have in the cellar due to my misfortune.  Don't let this cause you a NIGHT OF SLEEP AGAIN!


Well I wasted thousands of extra income on *exington Law and other online products to try to help me repair my credit mistakes, and better my credit score.  THEY ONLY TOOK MY MONEY.  Sure, I could report them to the Better Business Bureau, (BBB) but what really does that do?  To me it solves nothing (and these companies know this).  I payed other credit resolution internet companies hundreds of dollars a month to see who can get errors off my report and got nowhere. 


Pissed off at the lack of help from these rip-off sites I started to look for my own answer. Why can't I do it myself?  I got involved with other business owners who developed business processes that actually help customers get their scores up.  I started learning all about why my credit score was locked in its place, and that there are ways to correct scores and reporting events that are controlled by the major credit reporting companies.  I started looking for the best dispute process I could find, and started reading all the credit repair books from any Amazon book I could find.  They all say about the same things and I found most of them lacking in actual detail.  Most of these companies suggest they really want to help, but come out looking like they only want to take your hard earned dollar because they know you are in a bind.  Some companies sell "memberships" to allow you the use of "TRADE LINES" that are NOT yours!  I believe this method to be unethical and will eventually get your jail time if you default, or a lender comes after you (hint stay away from them, unless your authorized by that member to USE that card).  

I FOUND A GREAT TOOL!! My business system scans all your reporting details (even FICO 8 data) and finds all the errors and we then start working on correcting each one!  I have been able to correct multiple issues that were causing my score to drop.  I have found its a little harder to get inquiries off, but Im still learning, that is why I am offering my services for free.  

Why I Am Here

Every day I work in this world I see how credit companies are taking all of us to the cleaners.  It seems there is NO legal team or finance company doing things a certain way to help anyone but their bottom line.  FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act OUTDATED)  I hope to some day change this, maybe become a political consultant or who knows, President of the US and make things change.  What I am saying is my company is passionate about getting you results and back saving money.  

We are a Veteran owned company!

We will fight any way legally to get you back on track! 

We will work with Lenders and All Credit Reporting Agencies for  you and help correct issues with Bankruptcies, Late Payments, Defaults, Collections, Inquiries, Charge offs, and anything else that causes your FICO score to drop!

Look at how your bad credit is stealing from you?  In 5 years you will spend 11,220 in interest alone..


You can afford a better home, you need to make sure your credit is in check!  With bad credit, to get a home loan on a 400K home you ask for a 40 year loan @ 2500 a month, do the math, at the end of your mortgage you could have a 900K home and pay it off faster!  LETS FIX YOUR CREDIT NOW!

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